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About Us

I was born and raised on the bayous of Lake Pontchartrain and began fishing the area as soon as I could hold a fishing pole. Every chance that I got I was out on the bayou catching bass, panfish, and catfish. When I was about 6 years old my grandpa took me on my first saltwater fishing trip in Delacroix, Louisiana. It only took one trip catching big Louisiana redfish as fast as I could cast to be hooked for life. I continued fishing with my grandpa every chance that I got until I received my first boat. When I was 16, as an incentive to make good grades in school, my dad bought me a 19 foot bay boat so I could fish anytime I wanted. Everyday after school and every weekend I was out exploring new areas, learning everything that I could. Once I turned 18 I realized that i wanted to make a career being on the water. I enrolled in a captain’s course and a year later I became a licensed captain. In 2010 I opened Louisiana Fishing Guide Service and began guiding full time. One of the greatest things I was introduced to was sight fishing redfish. It was basically hunting and fishing combined. We would troll around in shallow water duck ponds and pick off the redfish when we would see them. It is my absolute favorite type of fishing because of the excitement of hunting them down and then watching them inhale the bait.

The decision to become a guide has been the best decision I have made in my life. No matter how many times I watch a redfish inhale a bait, it never gets old. Helping other people to experience this rush is even more exciting to me than actually catching the fish myself. I strive to make your day on the water the best experience possible. I will never get upset if you happen to do something wrong, I will give you pointers to correct it and we will move onto the next fish.